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Look of the Day // Lady in Pink

Act cool, look cool, be cool. Til’ death do us part, think Pink!Pink lady pledge Rather than being 100% true to the style of the Pink Ladies of Grease, this is more of an inspiration and homage. The funny thing about this is I actually haven’t seen the movie in it’s entirety — just clips!…

Look of the Day // Wrapped in Purple

Purple, you’ll come to find, is one of my favorite colors. I find it to be pretty versatile when paired with other colors, such as black, if you want a classy, elegant look. But, it’s also great when you put it together with other colors, too, for that awesome casual, everyday style. Today, however, I…


My name is Kat and this will be my fashion and destination blog. Whenever possible, I’ll provide links to the places where I get my clothes and the destinations I visit.

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