Hi! I’m Kat.

Since approximately November, 2009, I’ve been a resident of Second Life on my original account, Aspen Fairport, and I’ve never left. As a member of this vast community, I’ve made some absolutely wonderful friends (and met them!) and lost some along the way. But, the one thing that keeps me so interested in this virtual life of mine (besides my awesome family!) are the wonderful builds I come across and the lovely fashion styles people create. Second Life, through a virtual lens, can be a wondrous adventure and a creative, beautiful place indeed!

Body & Other Information

Due to a variety of mesh bodies available, I have this habit of never sticking to one body all the time. This is especially true if I like a particular creator/designer who only creates content exclusively for a specific body. However, the primary body I use is the Legacy body made by Meshbody (formerly TheMeshProject). Other bodies I use are Belleza (Freya) and Maitreya. Should I use bodies other than the Legacy, I’ll include them in the post.

My head is made by Lelutka and is from the new EvoX line.

The skin I use is from [Heaux] and is intended to be used with the Avalon EvoX head by Lelutka and with the most recent Glam Affair body skins.

Destination Information

Anytime I post about my wanderings on the grid, I’ll do my best to provide SLURLs so you can visit if you’re interested.


If you have questions, you’re welcome to contact me. If you’re curious about something I’m wearing that I might’ve left out, feel free to leave a comment on that post and I’ll be happy to let you know!

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